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Re: DEP-16 Confidential votes

>>>>> "Timo" == Timo Röhling <timo@gaussglocke.de> writes:

    Timo> * Stéphane Glondu <glondu@debian.org> [2021-04-16 17:12]:
    >> I would be glad to help :-)
    Timo> Great!

    >>> With all that being said and having made my case, I am open for
    >>> any reasonably secure solution (including Belenios) that we can
    >>> agree on, and I will help implement it if I can.
    >> And I am open to make changes in Belenios if needed.
    Timo> I'd like to raise two questions for debate:

    Timo> 1. Do we want to retain the ability to vote openly?

I thought you were focused on the voting mechanism not so much on the
constitutional changes.  I think this question belongs to that
constitutional discussion.  At least on debian-vote Russ and a number of
people argued that we should move entirely to secret votes.  Since we
are acting as individuals, there's not really a need for votes to hold
us accountable.

    Timo> 2. How much are we committed to the current process that works
    Timo> exclusively via email?

    Timo> Personally, I think that a structured HTML form is more
    Timo> accessible for screen readers than pure text ballots, and you
    Timo> can still make the web interface render nicely in a text
    Timo> browser such as Lynx or w3m.

These days I think a web form is quite accessible, so I'm not sure
accessibility is a big factor either way.

I think the web will be more accessible for new developers.
We see frustrations with the voting tools fairly regularly.

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