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Re: Richard Stallman


Someone have been harassing people for ages, making women and others feel very uncomfortable and unlegitimate in the open source community.

Such a person should not be accepted without huuuuge moves::
- acknowledgement
- apologies
- step back
- do a deep work on their oppressive behaviors
- do not ask to come back (or that's just like saying "f*** you all")

These things apply even when that person is called richard stallman. Being a rockstar doesn't give anyone permission to destroy other people.

(I won't get here into the "this is also a systemic issue" because there are so many articles about that on the web).

Have a good day,

Random Bytes:
The Debian Project as a whole is doing a very bad job with Richard
Stallman. You are all wrong. This is an empty hysteria. Today I took a step
away from Debian. Hopefully every user will do the same.

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