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udd-mirror moved to a new host!

Dear developers,

We are hereby announcing that udd-mirror.debian.net, after 7 years of
being hosted by XVM at MIT (http://xvm.mit.edu/), now moved to fosshost

We wish to thank MIT for hosting this service for so long, as well as
thank fosshost in advance for the many years to come!

You can read a bit of history regarding udd-mirror on Asheesh's

With this occasion, we are also formally deprecating the old address
public-udd-mirror.xvm.mit.edu in favour of the "new"
udd-mirror.debian.net that has been available for more than three years.
Please consider updating your scripts that connect to udd-mirror to use
the new address, as the old one will be phased out in the future (no
sooner than one more year at least).

In this move, we also changed the deployment method, storing the whole
database in docker.  Even though we don't foresee any problem for the
users, please do report any unexpected errors you might see.
Feel free to use the GitHub project to open tickets or send pull
requests: https://github.com/paulproteus/public-udd-mirror

On the other hand, this new host is much more performant than the old
one, and as such you should see a huge speed improvement when you run
your queries :)

Hoping to still be of service,
Asheesh Laroia
Mattia Rizzolo

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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