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Re: [External] Re: ThinkPad laptops preinstalled Linux

On Wed, Jun 03, 2020 at 01:39:08PM +0000, Mark Pearson wrote:
> The good - Lenovo are expanding what they offer on Linux (we had another big announcement yesterday about doing full config on our workstations with Ubuntu and RHEL). We're asking HW vendors to have Linux support upstream including firmware on LVFS which I think is important. It's not perfect yet but it's getting better and better. We're starting to contribute to open source projects.

Hi Mark,

Do you know if Lenovo plans to support Linux on all it's products?

I use LVFS as in indication that it's supported. And there are
various products I'm considering buying, most of them are
currently not on LVFS. I'm looking at things from the
ThinkCentre, IdeaCentre or Legion line.


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