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distributed moderation of mailinglist


I looking for ways to moderate a mailinglist distributed.
Distributed as: serveral people do the job (not a job
for a single person)

Goal is a healthy (mailinglist) community.

Vision I have for a healthy ML is like  nice village
that is becoming a nice town. Citizens are aware it
is their own habitat and it is their interrest to keep
in a good shape.

Normal situation is lively communication on the ML.

In abnormal situations gets toxic into the ML.
That is what should be prevented.

ML software can easily block non-subscriber postings.

Software I'm looking for can delay postings based
upon reputation from a subscriber. The delay allows
the pool of moderators to review such posting.

Posting of subscriber with establish repuation
go through without a delay. It skips "review queue"

New subcribers will recieve postings. Their first
posting gets a delay  of N minutes.

The delay has a time-out. If no-one approved a posting
from the review queue, the posting goes through the ML.
Such "time-out-expired posting" tells that the pool of
moderators is too small.

Please share your idea of such mailinglist features.

Geert Stappers
Silence is hard to parse

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