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MiniDebCamp 2021 pre-FOSDEM?


so it seems to me, the MiniDebCamp 2020 pre-FOSDEM was - in many ways -
a nice and useful event, which people enjoyed and where some stuff got
done. IOW: I hope you liked it!

So, shall we repeat this for 2021?

And shall we do it again at HSBXL? The venue is a bit challenging but
also quite nice and has a lot of potential we didn't use.

The challenge I see for doing it elsewhere is that it needs more work
and someone to do it, which is:

- finding a suitable venue
- solving payment (Debian surely has money but details are a bit tricky)
- finding sponsors maybe - or maybe rather not.
- operate the venue, eg unlock and lock it

The last point was actually very enjoyable at HSBXL, where the ship had
no passengers but only crew.

And btw, Debian could also give some money to HSBXL. This time I was
very happy that $random_DDs_employer is willing to pay 3*50 EUR
attendence fee to HSBXL but IMHO Debian could also just donate 
$some_money to HSBXL. (And you can all still put money in the fridge,
heating costs money.)

And then $hackerspace_person_1, who was there the three days also was
very happy about help received with carrying stuff up & down, as the
elevator was broken.

So yeah, IMO we could do this again next year, if HSBXL would offer to
host us again.


P.S.: last year I was wondering if we should have a pre- or post FOSDEM
event and today I think pre FOSDEM is better.

Feedback welcome.


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