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Re: Repeating: Only the Automatic Approvals of BSP Reimbursements are on Hold; You scan still Ask

Asking for pre approval als means you don't book tickets and arrange travel before knowing if you are going to be able to claim back....
This to me is the best cause of action for any proposed expenditure

On 10 January 2020 10:35:23 GMT, Sam Hartman <hartmans@mit.edu> wrote:
TL;DR: You are welcome to ask for approval for attending a BSP or
similar; it's only the automatic approvals on hold.

I heard two different people in an email thread claim that you cannot
get reimbursed for attending a BSP.
The only thing that is on hold right now is *automatic approvals*.
Just ask first.

At one level that might create more work.
If it does, it will push getting a real policy up the priority queue.

At another level, my frustration mostly surrounded documentation of
expenses and being in a position where people asking for approval and I
had different ideas about which contributors should be approved.
Asking for pre-approval reduces the emotional cost to me significantly.


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