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Re: The copyright checking question

On Mon, Dec 30 2019, Steven Robbins wrote:

> In another thread, Russ Allbery makes a salient observation [1]:
>     Requiring ftpmasters to [review debian/copyright before accepting an  
>     upload]  is a choice that Debian has made.  Maybe it's the right choice,
>     but other choices exist, and other entities make different choices.
> Russ goes on to list several alternative strategies, concluding with
>     But I do think it's worth occasionally explicitly asking the question and
>     then making an intentional choice, rather than assuming we're obligated to
>     continue doing what we're doing.
> I agree.  This seems to me something worthy of a general resolution on, since 
> these discussions pop up every 6-12 months and don't go anywhere.  I don't 
> have the stamina to go through with proposing a resolution but I hope others 
> will.

I'm not sure about the GR, but these are exactly the sorts of questions
and ideas that need to be raised and discussed.

It is particularly odd to me that there is absolutely no review required
to introduce code to Debian in general (particularly if a package is
already in sid), but we have this one-time thing.  I agree with Russ;
maybe it's needed, but it's high time we give it careful consideration


> -Steve
> [1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2019/12/msg00188.html

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