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Re: Results of the Antiharassment Team Survey

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Haber <mh+debian-packages@zugschlus.de> writes:

    Marc> On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 10:04:43PM +0200, Christian Kastner wrote:
    >> Answering the second question first: my interpretation of
    >> mediation in this context is a resolution process for the
    >> aforementioned conflicting interpretations, whereby one or more
    >> neutral roles (eg: DPL or A-H) attempt a resolution in
    >> cooperation with the involved parties.
    >> I see this form of mediation helping to draw that line because
    >> (a) it gives all parties an opportunity to have their side heard,
    >> (b) it demonstrates that those drawing the line have sufficiently
    >> engaged in understanding the problem, and (c) it sends a clear
    >> signal that we as a project aim to solve conflicts cooperatively.
    >> To me, (a) is an issue of fairness of the process. "The Project
    >> will draw a line but will hear you before drawing that line".
    >> It is my impression that some of the grievances, or the magnitude
    >> thereof, result not from actual actions against an individual,
    >> but rather from not being heard in the process.

    Marc> +1

    >> First, there are numerous reasons why two parties might arrive at
    >> conflicting interpretations, ranging anywhere from
    >> misunderstandings to moral differences to incomplete information
    >> to simple matters of principle.
    >> Second, even if the root cause is correctly identified, there
    >> might be more than one solution to the problem, with varying
    >> costs and benefits to the parties but also to the project.
    >> To me, the no-mediation-approach is at best a crude heuristic
    >> that just targets a specific symptom, regardless of the actual
    >> cause.

    Marc> The no-mediation approach is un-inclusive towards people who
    Marc> involuntarily write things that sound more harsh than
    Marc> meant. This is a rather common pattern in nerds that we tend
    Marc> to overreact and overstress things. Not doing any mediation
    Marc> before making actions such as expelling people from the
    Marc> project is a violation of the diversity statement.

I'm not 100% sure that you and Christian are talking about the same

Christian is talking about mediating the question of whether something
is a CoC violation or not.

You are talking about having a conversation about how to respond when
there is a CoC violation.  (If it's more harsh than intended in a way
where it's not respectful or doesn't create a welcoming community, it's
inconsistent with our standards regardless of what you intended.  But
the best response is often to help you do a better job of expressing
what you intended when things are coming across too harsh.)

I think that conversation you're talking about--understanding the
circumstances and especially for people interested in improving
discussing ways to do that--is something I hope our AH process will


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