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Re: Cultural differences and how to handle them


On 04/07/2019 12:43, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> My position is not one of disagreement without basis.  I have found,
> through my own experience, that diversity efforts (including those like
> the pride month logo Debian logo change) end up doing more harm than
> good.

Could you expand on what is your experience on this?

I have the opposite view, being a person represented under the LGBTQI+
umbrella, I find these efforts very positive and helpful.

They make me feel the community care about people like me, but more
importantly, it shows other people under the same umbrella that it is OK
to be open about their identity in our community. That they will be able
to contribute as their whole selves, and that they will not need to
hide, like they need to do in so many aspects of their lives.

To give one simple and concrete example, last week I sent an email to
-private revealing something about my identity, and among the many
lovely messages of support, I got a message telling me how a relative of
a DD had experiences similar to mine. I'd like to think that me being
showing it is OK to be queer in Debian might help that person someday
approach our community.

Representation does matter.

> What course is available to me and those like
> me who believe we should "do nothing"?

I think the main issue is that most people who advocated for that
position where doing it in the abstract, and were not part of the
marginalised groups in discussion. It is not possible to talk about
inclusion completely in the abstract, as each marginalised group has
very different problems and needs.

I think you can contribute to the debate sharing how this impacts you

Martina Ferrari (Tina, the artist formerly known as Tincho)

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