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Re: Debian supports pridemonth?

>>>>> "Eldon" == Eldon Koyle <ekoyle@gmail.com> writes:

    Eldon> On Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 12:49 PM Andrew M.A. Cater <amacater@einval.com> wrote:
    Eldon> <snip>
    >> Regardless of what some folk say about pridemonth - it is deeply,
    >> deeply, sadly, ironic and painful that folk are arguing about
    >> pridemeonth in mails interleaved even as a valued contributor
    >> announces she is trans.
    >> Tina - welcome to a life of having to defend your every move in
    >> every social and anti-social situation - but welcome regardless
    >> and with every good wish, as ever,
    >> Andy C.

    Eldon> It's unfair to conflate concerns about how the Debian project
    Eldon> observed pridemonth with some kind of ill-will for those who
    Eldon> celebrate (or are celebrated by?) it.

But acknowledging pain we cause in our community is important.

For those of us in the LGBTQ+ community, I think it is likely to hurt
when  we're trying to reaffirm that we're welcome in the project and
that ends up being controversial.

Remember we didn't just blanket support Pride Month.
We talked about what that meant to Debian:

That blog post is about what joining  Pride celebrations means to
And it is directly and completely about inclusion.

And yeah, when that ends of being controversial it hurts.
And discussing and arguing about it is draining.

And I'm sure that this is draining for people with different positions.
And I hear people's worry and frustration when they are concerned that
Debian is making political statements that they disagree with.

So perhaps this discussion needs to happen.
And sometimes we need to experience pain as a community.

But I ask you not to deny that pain.  Do not pretend that it's "just
concerns," and that there is not a real cost to the discussion.
Have it if you need to, but have compassion for everyone involved.

And yeah, having your coming out within the Debian community and having
it drop in the middle of this is damn well going to hurt.

I'm not saying you're doing anything wrong by causing pain.  But I am
asking you to show compassion.


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