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Re: RFC: endorse debian-mentors as entrance to our infrastructure projects

On Sun, Jun 09, 2019 at 12:55:14PM +0200, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Jonas,

> So here's the idea we came up with: We could explicitely broaden the
> scope of debian-mentors to include any questions regarding Debian
> infrastructure software.
> That basicly would mean to explicitely mention "questions on
> infrastruc-ture projects" in our docs about debian-mentors.
> Additionally, when the infrastructure teams don't have time to mentor
> new contributors, they could point them to debian-mentors.
> My hope is that having debian-mentors as an endorsed entry point for
> diving into Debian infrastructure would lower the entry barrier
> significantly for new contributors who'd like to dive into our
> infrastructure software projects.
> What do you think about this proposal?

who will provide the answers to non-trivial questions?

For most packaging questions a list with plenty of DM/DD is sufficient 
to get an answer.

For the typical infrastructure project the number of people in Debian 
who can answer non-trivial questions is in the low single-digits.

> Cheers
>  jonas
> [1] Let me give two examples for such "infrastructure projects":
>     */ Many in Debian agree that Debbugs could need some love, but still
>     it's developed and maintained largely by one brave soul.

What will happen if a newbie starts asking questions about debbugs on 

Will the questions be ignored, or will you try to force this one brave 
soul to become a mentor for whatever people from the internet start
asking questions?



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