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Apology and DAM decisions

Hi all,

Let me start with an apology for having overlooked parts of Laura's
and Rhonda's email in the heat of the discussion back then. Thanks to
some fellow DDs who reminded me of these items, I have soon after 
updated the blog post about Sharp to use the current name (in addition
to the previously corrected pronoun). I understand that the criticism
of my original blog text was valid, and I will take great care that
something similar will not happen again. But I believe that the issue
at hand has been conflated with issues about inclusiveness. I didn't
aim to harm inclusiveness.  I categorically reject any claims that I
am anti-inclusiveness, while I allow myself a personal opinion on
*persons* (independent of their self-identification).

I also apologize for that fact that my communication style in the past
has made others feel uncomfortable and was perceived as aggressive.
I think that even during the heat of the systemd and coc discussions this
was not appropriate, and I will do my best to use the same communication
style I usually use on Debian TeX, that is friendly, open, and

I also will take care to listen carefully to advice and corrections,
and I want to stress that I do think that Debian should be an environment
where everyone matters and is respected, and that there is no place for
lowering others based on gender, race, beliefs etc.

In cooperation with DAM - and the invaluable help of some fellow DDs -
we have reached the agreement about my further status. DAM will write
about this in a separate email outlining the agreement and consequences.

All the best


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