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Re: Censorship in Debian

Daniel Pocock dijo [Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 09:31:46PM +0000]:
> Hi all,

Hello Daniel,

I have to chime in here fully in support of what Russ, Steve and Paul
have said. Your message starts as inflammatory and as far as possible
from any attempt to cool down issues. It starts by accusing, by
likening incomparable issues.

> At that very same moment, the anti-harassment team were censoring[2] a
> Debian Developer's blog from Planet Debian.  Chilling.

Censorship is prohibiting you to speak your mind. Norbert is able to
speak his mind - Only not using Debian's name for it.

Why was his blog removed? Was it the post you link to? Or the several
posts where he discusses games? (are they free?) Or something
completely different? I do not know - But in any case, you should have
started by *knowing* what set off the a-h team for this decision. 

> I actually looked at Planet shortly after attending that panel
> discussion and immediately noticed that Norbert Preining[3] had been
> censored.  Disappearances of Khashoggi[4] and Kamphuis[5] came to mind.

An assassination committed in a diplomatic legation with possible
involvement of the highest possible authority in a nation, or even the
murder of a person by unknown people and a country refusing to further
pursue the investigation on the issue, are in any way comparable to
kicking a blog out from an aggregator?

Please take a couple of deep breaths. Inflating the issue so much is
not helping the cause you are trying to push. Just the opposite.

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