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Re: how to obtain installation image for Debian8 "Jessie"?

On 1/6/18, Henry Chang <henry.chang212@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you David,
> I have got the image of Debian-8.10. As to Debian 9 (Stretch) per Chris'
> concern, I believe the main problem is the KDE 5 GUI that it used. There
> had been lots of bugs reported. When I upgraded to Debian 9 from "Jessie",
> all my KDE 4 GUI were messed. Also, the KDE 5 is more like Windows GUI,
> which is not satisfactory, especially the SDDM. The new SDDM listed all the
> users in the LOGIN  page, as in the Windows LOGIN. This reveals the
> information of all the users of the platform, which is a security issue. In
> the old KDM LOGIN, we can choose to key in username and password
> separately, which is more secured, from my personal view.

#1 so I don't forget to say it: Don't forget to *backup* your existing first*

Now.. If you haven't already swapped back down to Jessie, there is the
possibility of adding in a different "desktop environment" alternative
to KDE. Then you could bring in any specific programs that are *why*
you like KDE.

One nice thing about that route is that after you do that, you could
then regularly revisit your KDE option to work toward filing bugs over
what's not working *as expected* in your case. That route does need
some extra hard drive space, though.

Unless you're just wanting to stay 100% KDE, period, which is totally
understandable as a single user *_CHOICE_*. If you decide to play
around with mixing and matching multiple desktop environments,
Debian-User listserv is one of the best places to receive ongoing user
interaction on how to do so:


There's a list of *all* packages available for Stretch right now. It's
"slightly" large, grin. After that webpage fully loads, a CTRL+F type
search of "desktop environment" will jump down to various
possibilities all the way down that page:


Debian's Wiki additionally offers some insight:


Again, Debian-User has some LONG time very active users who are happy
to help where possible. Good luck with whatever route you go!

Cindy <~~ Debian Stretch Stable with LONG time fave XFCE4 (+ goodies) :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with duct tape *

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