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Re: Donation with cryptocurrency

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 11:41:07PM +0100, francoisduvalcork . wrote:
> I was wondering the reasons behind your choice not to make available crypto
> currency an efficient way to get financial support. They have been around
> for several years now.
> I'm sure you are aware of this and you might even use them as individuals
> however I'm very surprise Debian hasn't adopted this method long time ago.
> What is the reason that you're not using crypto currencies ?
> How long before the Debian project will have a donation option in crypto
> you reckon?
> which crypto currency would you accept ? Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash ?

Bitcoin _was_ a nice way for money transfers.  It is not one anymore,
thanks to speculation madness -- transaction fees are nowhere near
reasonable, both in monetary value and environmental damage.

Other crypto currencies might still be usable, but there's too much
uncertainty: what _is_ certain is that the bitcoin tulip bubble will burst,
and lawmakers go apeshit making poorly-thought regulations.

Thus: not worth the hassle and risk at the moment, I'd say.

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