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Re: Automatic downloading of non-free software by stuff in main

On Thu, 07 Dec 2017 08:16:47 -0500, Paul R. Tagliamonte wrote:

> Restricting the execution of files one downloads or disabling macros on
> word documents you download and open would be a huge security win.

I'm skeptical, at least if this leads to more of the
well-known-and-much-despised "Do you really want to …?" popups where
almost everyone just looks for the "Gee, yes, leave me alone, stupid
computer!" button.

From my practical experience with inferior operating systems, I can
add that those warnings are often stupidly wrong ("My file server is
not the evil internet", "Yes I really sent this attachment to
myself", …), and in general usually I don't download files just to
fill my disk but in order to open and use them one way or another.


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