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Re: Emeritus status, and email forwarding

On 15/11/17 12:53, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Someone who was sort-of-MIA said on -private that they would like to
> keep their @debian.org email forwarding indefinitely, as they move to
> emeritus status.

One alternative that wasn't mentioned in this thread: what if Debian
stops providing @debian.org email addresses and phases out existing

I'm not advocating this as my preferred solution, but it is useful to
have all options on the table in a discussion about the email addresses.

Benefits of deprecating all debian.org email addresses:

- less things for DSA to maintain

- less problems with forwarding from debian.org to other mail servers
that enable strict SPF policies[1]

- people would be forced to use (or create) some other email address for
their packaging work (debian/control, changelog) and these addresses
would still be contactable after they leave the project


- for people who want a distinct email address for their Debian
contributions, a little extra effort to create and monitor an extra
private email address for their packaging work

- existing addresses will still linger around for a long time

- the use of the debian.org addresses is a strong way for people to show
that they are doing things on behalf of Debian, the loss of this benefit
could be mitigated partially by using team addresses to send some types
of communication



1. http://www.openspf.org/FAQ/Forwarding

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