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Re: retiring should maybe be retiring and not kicking out

Hello Holger,

On Tue, Oct 03 2017, Holger Levsen wrote:

> it occured to me that maybe retiring should indeed be that, DDs could
> become non-uploading DDs as a result from those WAT runs too. If they
> respond and state so. (So removal from the project is still an option
> too, maybe still the default, maybe not even that.) And this would
> indeed be something new in Debian's culture.

I take it that the status of non-uploading DD then lasts in perpetuity,
regardless of contributions.  So involvement in Debian at one point in
the past gets you the right to vote on the project's decisions for the
rest of your life.

I think that this would be wrong.  All of our decision-making processes
and conventions are based around the idea that those doing the work get
to decide how it's done.  Your proposal would undermine this: those not
doing the work on the project would have an unwarranted say in GRs and
leader votes.

> It also occurred to me that this whole discussion should be on
> -project, so please reply there. or maybe some other list? anyhow,
> anybody is free to reply to this mail in public.


Sean Whitton

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