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For those who care about semantics retiring, disappearing and missing

Hi all,

For a couple of weeks already, we have been having a steady trickle in
debian-private of notices of retiring DDs (around 25, IIRC). After a
bit of this, an interesting thread broke out there. Holger said today:

Holger Levsen dijo [Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 08:53:41PM +0000]:
> hi,
> it occured to me that maybe retiring should indeed be that, DDs could become
> non-uploading DDs as a result from those WAT runs too. If they respond and
> state so. (So removal from the project is still an option too, maybe still
> the default, maybe not even that.) And this would indeed be something new 
> in Debian's culture.
> It also occurred to me that this whole discussion should be on -project, so 
> please reply there. or maybe some other list? anyhow, anybody is free to reply
> to this mail in public.

So, yes, I also think this kind of discussion should be moved to a
public space. For the record, there were some private,
personally-identifying information being mentioned, so the d-private
thread might still be kept active.

Anyway - The reason for this activity is that during DebConf17 members
from the MIA Team, NM Front Desk, keyring-maint and DAM sat to talk
and streamline the process for following the WaT (Where Art Thou?)
mails that have long been pending. We have several developers with
long years of inactivity. This process, that IMO should be seen as
most natural, has itched some people.

So, I'm basically pushing this discussion to a public space. I must
disappear right now, but expect to chime in to the discussion later
on, provided it gains any traction and not everything that should be
said has been said.

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