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rm ~/.gnupg/secring NOW!

Hi guys!
Heads up:

If you have ever generated or imported a gpg secret key using gpg 1 or 2.0
(ie, before Stretch), then used --delete-secret-key, please
rm ~/.gnupg/secring.gpg
(and shred/trim/balance/etc -- it's a huge topic).

If you --delete-secret-key with gpg 2.1, it deletes the key only from its
own copy but leaves the gpg 1/2.0 copy intact.  Querying it with
--list-secret-keys doesn't reveal that the key is still there, either.
But, if you rm .gpg-v21-migrated, that "deleted" key is back.

Yay if you cross a border, have your disk seized or imaged, or share the
machine.  Double yay if you had it imaged in the past.

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