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Re: Need Info : MIPS 64 ( big Endian) debian libraries


On 08/02/2017 06:38 PM, Praveen Gandala wrote:
> We are looking for MIPS 64 ( Big Endian) Debian libraries.
> I would be grateful if you could share the information on where I can
> find them

Unfortunately Debian only supports MIPS64 in the Little Endian
variant. There isn't even an unofficial port to the Big Endian
variant of MIPS64 that I'm aware of. Big Endian MIPS is only
supported in the 32bit variant.

That said: Debian does come with pre-built cross compilers for
64bit MIPS in Big and Little Endian variants, so if you want
to roll your own system, you could use Debian as a starting
point. Take a look at the following packages (on Debian 9):


The runtime libraries associated with the compiler + the C
library are also available (otherwise you'd not be able to
cross-compile things). But apart from that, as far as I'm aware,
there are no packages available for all of the other software
in Debian.


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