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Re: Sourcing fair-trade t-shirts (was: producing, distributing, storing Debian t-shirts)

Hello Martin.

martin f krafft - 02.05.17, 07:39:
> and the product we ordered was
>   Stanley&Stella,STTM528/STTW006,"Leads2,"Loves",Biobaumwolle
>   + Fairtrade,Kids STTB938,"paints"
> at 4.79 €/piece. Printing was 2 € each, as well 30 € or so one-time
> incidentals, net price.

Okay, scratch what I just wrote. It helps to really carefully read all the 
details of your mail:

You found an even slightly cheaper source. Printing costs are higher at least 
when ordering 500 shirts or more compared to Memo. As I don´t know what 
printing partner Memo uses, it may be fairer tough. For me a price of 7 Euro 
per T-Shirt is totally acceptable, so I see no point replacing printing by a 
cheaper option if that cheaper option is less fair or socially sustainable. 
(Given the mission of Memo I bet they take fairness into account for printing 
as well… but I didn´t found a definitive information on that.)


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