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Re: Inappropriate content on planet.debian.org and need of evolution of documentation and CoC

On Thu, Apr 06, 2017 at 01:30:19PM +0200, alberto fuentes wrote:
> It comes down to know if planet is about debian or about debian developers

From https://wiki.debian.org/PlanetDebian:

     What Can I Post On Planet?

     Planet Debian aims to aggregate the blog posts of people who are
     active in Debian and not only to aggregate the blog posts about
     Debian. The point is to provide a window into the community
     itself. Posts that are about Debian are a great idea and some
     people will choose to only syndicate "on topic" posts. But other
     posts are also welcome! We want to learn about the people, their
     life, opinions (even political) and doings.

In short, it's about Debian contributors, not just Debian. Based on my
memory, it has always been that way.

I want to build worthwhile things that might last. --joeyh

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