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Lets encourage new DDs to run for DPL (Was: Let's make Debian DPLess!?)

On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 01:49:03AM +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> the position is a
> largely thankless, massive amount of work that's contrary to what Debian is
> about (code hacking and solving technical problems[1]).  Our kind of people
> is strongly awerse to bureaucracy and management.  Thus, a lofty glorious
> title is a perk of the job, let's not make it even less unappealing.


I think Guillem's suggestion is not respecting the great work several
DPLs have done and I remember DPLs who saved Debian from beeing trapped
in a blind alley.

I admit I have ideas how we could move Debian a bit but to do so I
expect so many time draining jobs that it would become incompatible with
my day job.  Beeing in a sitiation where my employer would not support
pure Debian dedicated work I feel not able to do a responsible job as

However, I would like to encourage new DDs to apply for the job.  There
is no need to be a long standing DD to run for the position.  It is your
chance to implement your ideas and fix issues long standing DDs might
have became blind about.

Kind regards



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