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Re: public stats about posts in -private

On 20/07/16 03:46, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Daniel Pocock dijo [Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 09:36:52PM +0200]:
>>> On 2016-07-18 18:21, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>>>> There are some things on -private that could be summarized with
>>>> statistics publicly, e.g. the reasons people give when they retire from
>>>> the project (X% cited reason A, Y% cited reason B, ...)
>>>> Is there any consensus on whether deriving anonymous statistics from
>>>> debian-private is acceptable?
>>> Acceptable, perhaps, but almost certainly not worth anybody's actual time.
>> Comments people make about reasons for retiring could provide meaningful
>> background data when considering the impact of future decisions.
> As one of the people who track retirement messages (as keyring-maint
> often does the first steps of the retirement process, and pass the
> ticket on to other groups later on), I agree with Jonathan. By far,
> the most often cited reason is "I have no time nor motivation to do
> this properly anymore" or some variation on it. Real (that is,
> analyzable) reasons are almost never even mentioned.

I would agree that is one of the things that could be summarized.
Sometimes people also mention family reasons or changes in employment.

Maybe such insights aren't very dramatic but even that much hasn't been
stated publicly before because those emails are sent on debian-private.

It could also be interesting to ask people who retire to complete a
small survey with the stats becoming public.

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