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Re: Publicly-readable list for only DDs and DMs to post to

On Monday, July 18, 2016 08:58:53 PM Ole Streicher wrote:
> Scott Kitterman <debian@kitterman.com> writes:
> > I do think the example of Ubuntu splitting ubuntu-devel into ubuntu-devel
> > and ubuntu-devel-discuss may be a relevant data point.  As an active
> > participant in Ubuntu development both before and after the split I paid
> > attention to it (and remained subscribed to ubuntu-devel-discuss long
> > after most other developers had unsubscribed).
> I would in opposition think that having ubuntu-devel and
> ubuntu-devel-discuss was a bad decision.
> As a Debian Developer, I from time to time have a question about how
> things are working in the Ubuntu Development. But since I am not an
> Ubuntu developer, I can only use the -discuss mailing list. Since, as
> you describe, many developers just unsubscribe there, my questions
> always have a good chance to remain unanswered, which is at the end bad
> for Ubuntu as well -- since I may solve someting non-optimal for Ubuntu,
> or even frustated unsubscribe as well there.
> The big Plus on Debian is that we have a -devel list that is reachable
> for everybody, and the threshold to participate is low. When I try to
> get people involved in Debian, I always mention that they can discuss
> their issues with the development there when they see a need. Having
> the discussion exclusively for the DDs (and DMs) would break our
> openness.
> So, I would vote against such a mailing list. If one sees the need for a
> filtered one, he could just setup a filter and let only @debian.org
> addresses pass.
> Maybe, one could provide some statistics in how big the noise is
> actually in debian-devel?

As a DD, I think you can ask to be white listed onto ubuntu-devel, but that's 
a side issue (and no, since people have moved around since I stopped doing 
Ubuntu development, I don't know who you ask).

I didn't write to advocate for or against a separate list, just to describe 
what happened from my POV as a potential data point for Debian's consideration 
of a similar proposal.

Personally, after the default init system discussion, I doubt there's anyone 
left on debian-devel that can be forced off due to a low signal to noise 

Scott K

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