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Re: Debian slogan / tag line / emphasizing freedom

Daniel Pocock writes ("Debian slogan / tag line / emphasizing freedom"):
> Debian has been using the slogan / tag line "The Universal Operating
> System" for as long as I can remember.
> It is a good choice and it represents the aims of many contributors, but
> is it the optimal choice today?

I think it's a great slogan.  It represents our view that everyone
should be able to use Debian for their own, often wildly diverging,

> For example, has there ever been discussion about replacing it with a
> slogan that puts an emphasis on freedom, another value that is important
> to many contributors?
> E.g. "Powering your freedom", "Enabling your freedom", "The free
> platform", "The universal free OS", etc
> It would be interesting to consider this in the lead up to the next
> stable release.

I don't think we need to mention freedom in our slogan.  Doing so
would be trite.


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