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Re: third-party packages adding apt sources

 ❦ 19 mai 2016 16:39 GMT, Bas Wijnen <wijnen@debian.org> :

> Debian stable is for users who want a rock solid system.  It is out of date by
> the nature of how it is built.  Users who want to get the newest versions of
> their software should not be running stable; testing is probably better for
> them.

testing is not suitable for most people because:

 1. no security support
 2. packages can disappear at any time

There was some discussion in the past to turn testing into a rolling
release but nothing was done. Such a project would be interesting to
check its adoption. People complaining that stuff is too old could be
directed to this rolling release version and we will likely get people
complaining that stuff moves too fast, but at least, we can't be blamed
to ship too old softwares, that would be a user choice.
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