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Re: shutting down httpredir.debian.org?

On 04/12/2016 07:52 AM, Raphael Geissert wrote:

What I propose is:
1. to fix the recent regressions and perform some maintenance on the
service in an attempt[1] to reduce the user-visible errors. Before the
end of April.
2. define the next steps towards improving the service - can be done
in an open way in the mirrors ML. Starting today, with no ending date.
3. organise a sprint in order to ensure that time is available to work
on the service. Perhaps during SunCamp, as people such as weasel also
appear to be interested in participating - so let's say end of May.

I would very much like to keep the service.

At this time it provides a clear source to point users to for connection to the mirrors network, provides a great reporting tool as opposed to the static status.html pages[1][2] which are confusing to read at times and have outdated information and, lastly since it is already out there and in use (and promoted) we may as well continue to use it provided we can address the needs of it needing a dedicated maintainer or team of maintainers.

Some time ago Iain Learmonth was kind enough to take a look at the redirector and was kind enough to created a minor status page[3] that pulls data from the redirector, but I don't think he wanted to inherit it the overall project.

I think the service needs to be restarted every once in awhile if I am not mistaken, which would update the available mirrors to it and keep Iain's page in sync. 

Problems with the redirector should be have bugs opened against them, perhaps removing the single point of contact on the service and stating 'please file a bug against' would give us a better idea of where the visible user issues are and allow us to implement change, modification, or documentation. More so as those bugs are cc'd to the mirrors team.

Remove /ports/ from the redirector would be good, it just sits out there and goes nowhere.

The mirrors team also needs to focus on the direction the tool will go in and its implementation..even internally. 



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