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Re: academic alliances or the like

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 8:17 PM, Morten Bo Nielsen wrote:

> I am searching for a way to cooperate with the Debian project.
> Have there ever been thoughts on doing a Debian "academic alliance"
> style partnerships?

I don't recall any discussion around these themes.

> My wish list
> 1) a contact person that could help me find relevant local/regional
> companies that use Debian

We have a list of companies using Debian on the website:


There are also some companies and individuals doing Debian consulting:


> 2) course material that makes it easy for me to teach linux from a
> Debian point of view

We don't really have teaching material AFAIK, but perhaps some of our
user and developer documentation is useful to you:


> 3) some organizational structure where my students can contribute on
> their level

There are lots of opportunities for students and other newcomers to
contribute in various ways depending on their skill set. Probably the
most relevant here are the Outreachy and Google Summer of Code
internship programs. In addition, the how-can-i-help package can point
out issues that might be suitable for newcomers to tackle as well as
issues relating to the system it is installed on.




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