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FOSSASIA Debian speakers and potential mini-DebConf

The FOSSASIA conference[1] is coming up again soon, it is in Singapore
this year, 18 - 20 March

It has also been suggested there could be a mini-DebConf associated with
the event in some way.

Is anybody interested in participating in any way?  The call for
speakers[2] is still open.

They also indicated they are unable to fund speaker travel, is anybody
aware of opportunities for funding for Debian Developers who are invited
to speak at FOSSASIA or an associated mini-DebConf?

Singapore is one of the most successful and prominent economic centres
in the region and this appears to be a good opportunity for Debian to
have some exposure there.



1. http://2016.fossasia.org/

2. http://2016.fossasia.org/speaker-registration

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