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Re: Frustrated

On Mon, 01 Feb 2016 20:20:02 +0100, Russ Allbery wrote:

> palmal palmal <ppalmal73@gmail.com> writes:
>> Here is the answer:why you allowed microsoft to get inwolwe and build
>> their product on your operating system?
> Anyone have any idea what this is referring to?  I think the original
> poster has a whole bunch of misinformation (and I'm sorry that they had
> a bad experience with jessie), but I have no idea what this specific
> point could even mean.

The cake reference makes me think of Microsoft's presence at LinuxFest 
Northwest last year in Bellingham, WA. MS had a booth there touting their 
Azure service and giving out blue cake. Possibly they have given away 
cake at other venues as well- I understand they can afford a lot of cake.

When I saw them again at LinuxCon they seemed to have run out, but 
luckily the Sheraton had the cake situation covered.

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