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I am disapointed and i yust reinstalled debian 8 and mowed to Arch linux.Why?Here is the answer:why you allowed microsoft to get inwolwe and build their product on your operating system?Why you dont say them to stay away from linux they are multi milionare they messed up with windows ewery piece of wersion os when come out is full of bugs they are not open source.Did you know why they celebrating with cake?Because they want to bring they own wiruses to force people to return to windows.Did you know that they hawe so manny backdoors in windows 10 that can hackers use to get to our private stuff?Did you know that they spying ower web cameras and listening ewery single word that users say?did you know that they hawe full control of our pc? No no no!I tought that linux is safe world but if i want os to bee MY customized os without spying and full controll of my own pc i rather moving on Arch.That is it you newer gonna be popular and sucessfull you for mee is history i done with you.And yea i newer faced with so many bugs in any distro like your debian jessie.Good luck in ruining yourself thanks to microsoft.Hawe good one.

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