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Re: Re: Would you agree - Debian is for the tech savvy

Replying with my fluxbox hat on, and perhaps Debian too.

On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 09:07:10PM -0500, Stephan Foley wrote:
> > Why wasn't it enough to run these two commands?
> > apt-get install xorg
> > apt-get install fluxbox

Yeah, Fluxbox is still not that out of the box. It's always required a
lot of fiddling to set up. Fluxbox has a lot of ups, but it also has
some downs (it requires manual configuration and is very minimal)

> grrrrrrr....
  ^^^^^^^^ And this is why I don't tell people to "just" install Fluxbox.

> Well, first off, I had to figure out the best display manager. Then, install
> Fluxbox and you got some ugly styling! Then, I had to figure out how to
> config all the gtk stuff and fonts, etc. Then, of course, no sound. And how
> about auto mounting external drives, etc, etc! Or even just artwork for grub
> and lightdm.
> Now I can install the whole thing in about 10 minutes, but it was quite a
> chore to do it the first time...coming from a system like Crunchbang which
> was configured with style and grace, I realized how much work when into
> that.

Well, patches to add some defaults in an external package is super
welcome :)

> On the other hand, Fluxbox really is just a windows manager and it needs a
> ton of helper packages...nothing like Gnome or KDE.

That's right.


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