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Any plans to add Pale Moon browser to the repository?

Btw in in regards to a conversation I had with one of you about Pale Moon browser being added to the repository and them saying you weren't allowed to.

"Repository/package maintainers are free to add unaltered versions of the Linux browser to their repositories. Noncommercial, Open Source operating systems are exempt from binary destribution limitations if the browser is otherwise not materially changed or reconfigured.

Please see the redistribution license: http://www.palemoon.org/redist.shtml specifically point 8.

I personally do not have the time or expertise to properly create and maintain distribution packages for the plethora of different flavors of Linux; that will have to be done by dedicated maintainers intimately familiar with the target OS. It's an open invitation to anyone wishing this addition to step up and take on the task." -Moonchild

That was the developers response on the Pale Moon forum. He's perfectly fine with it being included in the repository, but can't maintain it himself.

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