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call for help: partners program


Debian has a partners program (see https://www.debian.org/partners/). It is
used to thank and advertise organizations that are supporting or helping us.
Examples include:
- hosting Debian infrastructure, or providing services used by Debian
- providing hardware (or plans to buy hardware at a lower cost)
- hosting sprints
- supporting the LTS initiative
- etc.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time of the people that used to be involved,
the partners@ team has not been able to keep up with addition requests.

I discussed this program with DSA (which is one of the main teams making
use of it, to thank hardware/hosting sponsors), and at least Luca
Filipozzi is interested in helping getting the partners team back in

I would like to build a small group of people in charge of this program.

There are ideas floating around about having several levels
(platinium/gold/silver/...), and a limited duration for membership.  The
team would be responsible for setting this up in a way that makes it
possible to mix different kinds of contributions using the same
rankings/levels. Then, the team would be responsible for evaluating
requests for joining the program. There's a number of pending requests
that could be used to benchmark the designed ranking.

Ideally, this program would be merged with a Debian fundraising team.
However, at this point, most of what Debian does in terms of fundraising
from large organizations (not individuals) happens through DebConf.
I fear that merging this now would be too big, so I think that the plan
here should be to:
1) improve the DebConf fundraising processes, and keep in mind that it
could be transferred from 'DebConf fundraising' to 'Debian fundraising'
2) revitalize the partners team
3) discuss merging both efforts when they are both in a sufficiently
good shape.

So, at this point, I'm looking for 2-3 people interested in creating a
partners team.

- Lucas

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