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Thank you

Dear Debian developers, maintainers and all you others investing your
valuable time tothe project,

I just want to thank you all for your great work.

During the last ten years, it has been facilitating my everyday life
and work with about 7-8 computers/phones of me and my family/friends.
In that period, Debian have always been my choice.

Debian is a living proof of the fact that it works - that we can build
a free operating system independent of commercial interests. And not
only can we build it, we are able to keep it living and growing to
everyone's delight and benefit - even in the not very favorable
ecosystem of big companies, mass media and law makers all trying to
thwart your work. It is a sight for my eyes.

I love the philosophy, the legal approach to the structure of the
project, I love that we have DFSG and that you take time to verify
that Debian complies to it. I like having the quite thorough policy
manual, ensuring your consistence among that many DDs.

I love your democratic approach to making decisions. And finally,
I like most of your decisions.

I like Debian's aspiration of being the universal operating system,
running on every architecture ever invented and containing every piece
of maintained free software. I think it is almost there, which is
remarkable. This is your primacy: no other operating system have
achieved that state, free software or not.

That said, I wish you a bunch of helping hands, happy users and
pleasure from your work.

With love,
Tomas "trosos" Tintera

PS. I stay with you despite of the unpopular "decisions". They tend to
be trifling, as long as Debian stays democratic and software free.
I appreciate your work.

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