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Re: Systemd

On Friday, November 28, 2014 10:23:29 PM Christian Mueller wrote:
> Dear Debian Project,
> I really didn't want to add fire to the debate about using/not using
> systemd but recent developments made it difficult to remain impartial.
> Debian has always been about choice. You (Debian) have maintained
> distributions based on BSD, Hurd, whatever kernels, at least partially
> just to make that point: choice.
> Software such as systemd removes this choice. Once systemd has been
> incorporated, Debian is going to be an OS based on a Linux kernel using
> the GNU C library, dbus, Gnome, etc.
> No BSD.
> No Hurd (although I don't really know about that particular kernel).
> Instead, we get lots of non-Unix concepts, introduced by Windows or OS
> X, such as a focus on local [desktop] sessions (as if anyone would be
> interested to have a single computer with multiple displays and
> keyboards directly attached) vs. a simple su in xerm. Consolekit.
> Policykit. Logs flooded by useless crap vs. thinking about what exactly
> to log. And now Systemd, journald, ...
> Is this really, really what you want?
> If not, please consider alternatives to systemd. Uselessd
> (http://uselessd.darknedgy.net) comes to mind, in case you want to unify
> startup scripts without all the gross disadvantages of incorporating all
> of the systemd project.
> Please, don't take Debian away from me by making Systemd mandatory!
> Thanks,
> --Christian

Personally, I try and avoid getting involved in the systemd debate too.

You can relax.  Systemd is not mandatory.

Scott K

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