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Dear Debian Project,

I really didn't want to add fire to the debate about using/not using systemd but recent developments made it difficult to remain impartial.

Debian has always been about choice. You (Debian) have maintained distributions based on BSD, Hurd, whatever kernels, at least partially just to make that point: choice.

Software such as systemd removes this choice. Once systemd has been incorporated, Debian is going to be an OS based on a Linux kernel using the GNU C library, dbus, Gnome, etc.


No Hurd (although I don't really know about that particular kernel).

Instead, we get lots of non-Unix concepts, introduced by Windows or OS X, such as a focus on local [desktop] sessions (as if anyone would be interested to have a single computer with multiple displays and keyboards directly attached) vs. a simple su in xerm. Consolekit. Policykit. Logs flooded by useless crap vs. thinking about what exactly to log. And now Systemd, journald, ...

Is this really, really what you want?

If not, please consider alternatives to systemd. Uselessd (http://uselessd.darknedgy.net) comes to mind, in case you want to unify startup scripts without all the gross disadvantages of incorporating all of the systemd project.

Please, don't take Debian away from me by making Systemd mandatory!


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