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Re: Interpreting the init system GR results


Russ Allbery:
> A lot of that analysis concludes that the pro-systemd "side" in Debian
> won some sort of conclusive victory.
> I have a different perspective.
Too true. This GR does not have winners. We all lost. Not as a result of
this vote, bus because of the incessant arguing, trolling, and mixing up
of personal preferences and angsts with technical merits and bugs which
preceded and accompanied it.
(It also caused a couple of people to quit who shouldn't have had to.)

The GR just stated that the majority (of those who voted, but I seriously
doubt that the other half feel any different) is sick and tired of all

I didn't expect #4 to win, esp. given that the reason it was even on the
ballot felt sortof whimsical at the time (at least to me) … but I think
I'm glad it did.

> In other words, the way I choose to look at this GR is that the project as
> a whole just voted to take away the sticks that we were using to beat each
> other with.
I wouldn't go as far as say "take away", but the message to use a talking
stick instead is clear enough.

For those to whom talking sticks are out of cultural scope: a group sits
in a circle and one person holds the talking stick. That person talks.
Everybody else *listens*. Not superficially, and not just to the literal

Then the stick gets passed on to the next person who wants to speak.
Repeat until consensus is reached.

> Are we up to the challenge?
Personally I doubt we are, and I'm not necessarily excepting myself from
that judgement.

But we should strive to be.

-- Matthias Urlichs

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