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Re: Being part of a community and behaving


Miles Fidelman:
> Personally, I think Ian's statement is spot on.  [...]
> The stream of negative reactions is even
> more revealing of the state to which the community has devolved.
Ah. In other words, basically, denying that a conspiracy is going on is in
itself a confirmation of the conspiracy theory.

Please just stop.

Pulseaudio was developed more-or-less in isolation and then sprung on the
community as the next best thing since sliced bread. Lennart got a lot of
flak for that, so he actually went to a whole bunch of Linux conferences,
talking to a lot of people, before and while developing systemd …

… and now he's getting flak for _that_.

This is a large chunk of the reason why nobody "in the systemd camp" wants
to listen any more. Any real problems or concerns you might have with the
direction the systemd ecosystem is going in just get lost in the noise
anyway, so why bother?

-- Matthias Urlichs

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