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Re: CoC / procedural abuse

On Fri, 05 Sep 2014, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
> Was there process involved with his expulsion, or did the person who
> told him he had been blocked acting alone?

The process for temporary or permanent bans on Debian mailing lists is:

1) Someone makes a complaint to listmaster@

2) A listmaster reviews the complaint, and either decides that
   a) the complaint is unwarranted
   b) warrants a warning
   c) warrants a ban.

If the complaint warrants a ban or warning, the opinions of other
listmasters is canvassed for a short period of time, and if there are no
objections, the action proceeds. If anything more than a warning occurs,
it is announced on debian-private@, which enables Debian Developers to
review the actions that listmaster@ has taken, and override them via GR.

> Is there record of this action?

Bans on Debian mailing lists are announced to debian-private, and this
ban was announced there as well.
> I'll note that one of the things that dismayed [...] the most was that
> this action was taken in private, which is wholly at odds with what
> Debian is about.

Mailing list bans are not done in public to avoid harming the reputation
of the individuals banned. If the individual in question wants the ban
to be disclosed publicly, they can email listmaster@, and we will do so.

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