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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

On Thu, Aug 07, 2014 at 10:34:29PM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> > > Well, it's roughly that time. :) So I'd like to plainly request GNOME
> > > is reinstated as the default desktop environment for a number of
> > > reasons.
> > 
> > One of the reasons put forward for switching to Xfce was size on the
> > installation images; could you (and/or debian-cd) address this?
> > 
> > Specifically: 1) Would you want the default CD/DVD image to use a GNOME
> > even if GNOME was unable to fit on a single image? 2) Would the GNOME
> > team consider a less-complete DE for cases where image size is a
> > restriction?
> ...And I'd like us to consider this point as well: How important are
> CD images nowadays? Who has a CD that cannot read a DVD? Will they be
> able to use on said machine a modern desktop environment as
> resource-demanding as, say, i3 or fvwm?

I used to do freelance desktop support (in the US) and there are a
decent number of machines that don't have DVD drives.  You would be
surprised how resistant people are to upgrade their machines.  (Also,
people give their old, less powerful machines to the small kids.)  Most
of these machines would work just fine with XFCE, but not GNOME.

DVD drives are also less common on non-PC hardware, especially the older
stuff that can be readily acquired for less than USD 1000.

Also, I always carried a bootable CD with me, because about a third of
machines just won't boot off a USB flash drive for any reason.  The BIOS
says they will, but it's a lie.  I've even owned one of these machines
(a fairly recent amd64 box).

I would recommend keeping CD images around.

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