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Task open for takers: review Debian status wrt OIN


One of the task on my TO-DO list that I would happily delegate is to
review the status of Debian wrt the Open Invention Network, to possibly
change our position from "We are not interested in joining OIN" to "We
want to join OIN", because:
(1) OIN claims they have changed quite a lot over the years, so they
    might better match our needs, or be more useful to us, or Debian's
    joining OIN might be of high interest to the Free Software
(2) it has been recommended by third party organizations that we join

The tasks involved are:
- review and summarize the past discussions on this topic (I'm quite
  sure that such a summary already exists somewhere)
- review the current status of OIN wrt past concerns, maybe discuss with
  our contacts at OIN
- present conclusions and a recommendation to the Project.

This task is low urgency, but quite important.
If someone is interested in working on that, please let me know, so I
can share more details in private.


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