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Nordic Debian meetup at FSCONS


I have submitted an event to FSCONS, a nordic free society, culture, software
conference that takes place the first week of september.

For some time now I have been trying to get nordic DDs to gather somewhere
and establish a nordic Debian community. It has not happened anything much
since the inception of the idea. Last year or so, people I have talked with seem
to have gathered interest in establishing a nordic Debian community.

At FSCONS I have applied to have a Debian room with ad-hoc activities that
attendees bring. The solution to the issue than takes off with Debian. Think
of it as a laid back open space or BoF where both newbies and seasoned
hackers come to share Debian. Depending on interest more serious
activities as Bug Squashing Parties can be arranged.

Please join if you are anyplace near or have an interest in a nordic Debian


PS. Cc going out to random people that might have or have shown interest
in a nordic Debian community. Please share further!

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