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Using Debian in a Linux based disk image generation project

My name is Sebastián de los Angeles, and I'm a computer science teacher from Uruguay. As you may know, here in our country we have an ongoing project called Plan Ceibal (http://www.ceibal.edu.uy/) which distributes Linux based notebooks for students and teachers.
Since most of this notebooks are based in the same hardware, the Plan Ceibal repair service uses disk images to install and repair them, images made with Clonezilla or other similar project. 
As a open source enthusiast and seeking to ease my colleagues adaptation to use Linux instead of MS Windows and make a better use of the resources of these computers, I've decided to create an alternate disk image for this notebooks. Given the extensive software repositories available for Debian, and the fact that the client software of  the Intel Theft Deterrent system used in these notebooks is packaged for Debian based OS's, Debian became the main choice for a customized Linux setup.

My question is this: ¿is it alright for me to use Debian in this way? 
I'm setting up a sourceforge page for this project (https://sourceforge.net/p/electronipm/) to facilitate it's distribution, and I'm open to any suggestions about it.

Greetings from Uruguay
Sebastian de los Angeles.

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