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Re: Sponsoring a Tails hackfest?

Le 2014-05-08 17:01, intrigeri a écrit :
Hi Steve,

Steve Langasek wrote (04 May 2014 08:27:44 GMT) :
But since it's a derivative rather than a pure blend, how do we know
that in /this/ case, the work at the sprint is going to
benefit Debian?

With my Debian developer hat on, I thank you very much for asking this
key question.

Actually, nothing guarantees that *any* sponsored sprint is going to
benefit Debian. The people organizing a sprint state "we'll work on
$blah", we make sure that $blah would benefit Debian, and then we
trust them to do what they committed to, and finally we check their
report and are happy that so much good work was done :)

While I agree that there is no absolute guarantee when sponsoring an event (of any sort), I'm not sure you can make that comparision because, IMHO, sponsoring a Debian event or a group of Debian members is different from sponsoring an entity which is completely independant of Debian... even if at the end, it may be more or less the same thing. It is only about how the
information is communicated.

My 2cents,


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