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Re: Sponsoring a Tails hackfest?

On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 11:01 PM, intrigeri wrote:

> 1. Six packages for Tails-specific software (liveusb-creator,

If you mean the Fedorahosted liveusb-creator, that looks useful to
have in Debian for non-technical users. If upstream could be made
build-time flexible about distros, it could be useful to both Debian
or Tails. Our current methods for writing ISO images to CD aren't
exactly user-friendly.


>    - iceweasel: we add the Tor Browser's patchset. Previous attempts
>      to work within Debian to have this packaged have failed.

I think the iceweasel-source binary package idea was the most likely
to work in the shortish term and I believe that the issues blocking
iceweasel-source are solved now so you might want to submit a wishlist
bug as a reminder about that.

>    - vidalia: we patch it to hide some parts of the UI that are
>      useless, or harmful, in the context of Tails. Our attempt at
>      finding someone to add configuration settings to do the same
>      failed (we found someone, signed a contract, and then they
>      disappeared). This piece of software has no active upstream
>      anymore, which does not help.

Apparently the Tor Browser folks have replaced vidalia with a
Firefox-based Tor controller called Tor Launcher, you might want to
sync with their choices.




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