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Re: The Code of Conduct needs specifics


Norbert Preining wrote (17 Apr 2014 23:12:58 GMT) :
>> Oh, and access to science knowledge and to the material means to do
>> spend time doing research is not equally distributed either.
>> When basically the same groups are historically excluded from science

> Ouch, please. We are far away from the times when women were
> excluded from science. Don't bring this as an argument/excuse for
> no scientific background.

This reply is really "wow" to me, but I would be sad if this side note
of mine, and the follow-up discussion to it, participated in
distracting readers away from my main point. If ignoring that part of
my email helps any of you focusing on what was really important for me
to write, then please do so.

My position is that the main point I was making (the paragraph around
"make you feel more comfortable") holds regardless of this side
discussion. Sorry if I was initially unclear about it.

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